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LPG Price Hike: Shock to consumers on the first day of March; Commercial Gas Cylinder Expensive | leader

Leaders Online Desk: Oil marketing companies have hiked commercial gas cylinder prices for the second month in a row. The price of 19 kg commercial LPG gas cylinder has increased by Rs.25 from today. The retail price of a 19 kg commercial LPG cylinder in Delhi is Rs. 1795 per cylinder. (LPG Price Hike)

The month of March has started from today and on the first day of the month i.e. from 1st March 2024, LPG gas cylinder price has been increased once again on March. (LPG cylinder price hike). That means cylinder has become expensive from 1st March 2024. Oil marketing companies have once again increased the prices of commercial gas cylinders. It has become expensive in Delhi by Rs. 25 and in Mumbai by Rs. 26.

LPG Price Hike: What are the new rates?

Oil marketing companies have shocked commercial gas cylinder consumers by increasing the price of commercial gas cylinders by 19 kg for the second month in a row. After increasing it by Rs 14 on Budget Day last month i.e. February 1, 2024, now the price of the cylinder has been increased by a whopping Rs 25. The revised rates have been published on the website of Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL-Indian Oil Corporation Limited). These rates are applicable from today. As per the new rates, a commercial cylinder will be available for Rs 1795 in the capital Delhi, while in Kolkata the cylinder will now cost Rs 1911. A commercial cylinder is priced at Rs 1749 in Mumbai and Rs 1960.50 in Chennai.

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