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'Looking' at India to help poor Pakistan: Foreign Minister Dar… | leader

Leader Online Desk : Pakistan, which has always grumbled against India by fueling terrorism, is currently facing a major financial crisis. Such a situation has reminded Pakistan of India. Due to the recent statement made by Pakistani Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar, there are indications that Pakistan wants to change its relationship with India.

What did the foreign minister of Pakistan say?

Pakistan's Foreign Minister Mohammad Ishaq Dar said, “Trade relations between India and Pakistan have been suspended since August 2019. The restoration of these relations will be seriously considered.”

Pakistani businessmen want to resume trade with India

Dar participated in the Nuclear Energy Summit in Brussels, after which he emphasized on opening trade initiatives with India in a press conference. He said that Pakistani businessmen want to resume trade with India. He also said that Pakistan will seriously consider restoring trade relations with India. (Pakistani Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar)

Ishaq Dar signaled a change in diplomatic stance

The statement made by Ishaq Dar is being considered as a signal to change the diplomatic stance towards Pakistan India, which has broken its economic back. In August 2019, India abrogated Article 370 of the constitution that granted special privileges to Jammu and Kashmir. After this, Jammu and Kashmir was also divided into Union Territories. Pakistan has since downgraded diplomatic relations with India.

Recently Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Shehbaz Sharif for becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Sharif also thanked Prime Minister Modi in his Facebook post. Sharif-led coalition government came to power after February 8 elections. The Sharif government has a big challenge to improve the country's economy.

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