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Long Covid : There is no such thing as 'Long Covid'; Fatigue, weakness 'are' common complaints, researchers claim leader

Leaders Online Desk: After Corona (Covid-19), serious health problems are emerging all over the world. A number of studies on Covid-19 have alerted to the risks of illness caused by the infection as well as post-Covid or 'long-Covid'. However, now researchers have completely rejected the concept of 'Long Covid'. Problems like fatigue and weakness are common. Don't call it 'Long Covid'. Researchers claim it is time to stop using this term.

'Long Covid' refers to long-term health problems in people who have recovered from the Corona (COVID-19) infection. Long-term Covid can lead to lung and heart-related problems such as brain problems and low IQ levels, some studies have said. However, a new study by Australia-based Queensland Health has challenged the concept of 'long covid'. People who recovered from Covid-19 did not see any changes that could be called 'long Covid', the study said.

Long Covid : There is not much difference in the symptoms of the patients

The researchers said there was no significant difference between people who had a flu-like infection and those who were infected with COVID-19. The study looked at 5,112 adults who had symptoms of respiratory illness. Their tests were conducted between May 2022 and June 2022. About half of them had corona, while some had flu. After one year, researchers asked participants about symptoms and how they affected their daily lives. They found that about 16 percent of people still had symptoms. But only 3.6 percent had moderate to severe problems. People who have a corona infection are less likely to have long-term problems than people who get the flu.

Long Covid: What do the experts say?

According to the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID), studies have shown that the symptoms of chronic Covid are similar to seasonal flu and other respiratory diseases. in which no significant differences were observed. Queensland Chief Health Officer John Gerrard (Dr John Gerrard) has said that the impact of Covid-19 on the recovery of patients has become more significant. But people who have been vaccinated do not see the long-term risks of corona.

Long Covid : Don't say 'Long Covid'

The researchers say that based on the findings, it is time to stop calling it 'Long Covid'. The term creates unnecessary fear and in some cases hypervigilance and fear of long covid is even making people sick. After recovering from an infection, good health can be maintained by taking care of your health.

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