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Loksabha Election 2024: First list of BJP, Congress declared; Who where in the political arena? | leader

Prashant Tigers,

New Delhi, In the background of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the BJP announced its first list of 195 candidates even before the code of conduct for the elections. As expected, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah along with Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and 34 ministers and some other prominent leaders are named in this. While announcing this list, BJP has adjusted all the equations of all castes, different states, women, youth, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, OBCs, old, new, experienced. By announcing such a long list with this equation, BJP has in a way created pressure on its allies as well as opponents. This pressure is as much for the opposition as it is for the BJP's allies in the NDA. As the names of some Union Ministers along with the Prime Minister are in the first list, naturally the top to bottom office bearers and workers of BJP will start working. (Loksabha Election 2024)

BJP's second list is also likely to come soon. While announcing the first list, BJP had taken the precaution of announcing its candidature in the same state where BJP is contesting independently. However, whether the BJP will take the same precaution in the second list too, it is of course going to be a matter of curiosity. Also, where BJP wants to give new emphasis, BJP has not announced the seats in South India in the first list. When the first list of BJP is announced, the question of confidence or overconfidence also arises. Due to reorganization of constituencies in Assam, constituencies changed, viral videos of some leaders declaring their candidature in other states had to change the names of some leaders. Therefore, such a situation after the announcement of the candidate's name gives rise to the question whether it is overconfidence. However, BJP has taken the lead by declaring a big list of candidates. On the contrary, discussions are still going on in many places in the India Alliance.

Congress announced the first list of 39 candidates followed by BJP. Even if the list of more candidates from Congress or India Aghadi is ready, it is possible that the leaders of India Aghadi are afraid that after they are announced, the BJP will come under pressure and the BJP will try to break them. Although Rahul Gandhi's candidature has been announced from Wayanad, there has been no response from the Congress on whether he will contest from Amethi or who will contest from Rae Bareli. If the Gandhi family does not decide to fight from Amethi, Rae Bareli, the mentality of the workers may become negative.

Loksabha Election 2024: What about India Alliance?

If the India Aghadi or the Congress party wants to fight against the BJP, it must enter the field with equal strength. For this, selection of candidates, manifesto for Lok Sabha election and campaign strategy to win the election will have to be focused. Because BJP's candidate Kamal and the face of Prime Minister Narendra Modi are going to be clear all over the country. The India Aghadi will have to find an answer to what the India Aghadi has against this.

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