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Lok Sabha Elections 2024 | Rain of money before the Lok Sabha polls! 4,650 crore seized, ECI informs | leader

Leaders Online: The Election Commission of India has informed that Rs 100 crore is being seized every day from March 1 in the wake of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The Election Commission also said that its officials have seized Rs 4,650 crore even before polling for the Lok Sabha elections, which is more than the total amount seized during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

“The amount seized during the general elections 2024 is on track to be the highest amount recorded in the 75-year history of Lok Sabha elections in the country,” said a statement issued by the Election Commission.

An amount of Rs 4,650 crore has been seized even before the start of voting in the first phase of the 18th Lok Sabha elections.

3,475 crore was seized during the entire Lok Sabha elections in 2019. Now the amount seized before the 2024 election polls is more than this. The Election Commission said the operation was made possible by comprehensive planning, cooperation and concerted preventive action by agencies, active participation of citizens and technology.

On April 12, a commission of Election Commissioners Gyanesh Kumar and Sukhbir Singh Sandhu headed by Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar reviewed all central observers deployed in the first phase of the April 19 elections. At this time Emphasis was placed on strengthening, monitoring and inspection of the electoral system to ensure election free process.

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