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Lok Sabha Elections 2024 : Does your Lok Sabha candidate have a criminal background? Check with this app leader

Leaders Online Desk: The horn of India's Lok Sabha Elections 2024, the birthplace of democracy and the world's largest democracy, has finally sounded. After Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar announced the election program on Saturday, political parties across the country have started preparations. The Election Commission is also preparing and in the wake of the Lok Sabha elections, the Commission has launched an app through which you can check the criminal background of the candidate.

Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar has introduced this mobile app. The name of this app is Know Your Candidate (KYC). This app will be very useful for voters. With its help, users can check the details of their Lok Sabha candidate besides finding their criminal background. (Lok Sabha Elections 2024)

Voters can check the list of all candidates for their Lok Sabha seats with the help of this mobile app. Also, if they have any criminal background, that can also be checked. While launching the app, Chief Election Commissioner Kumar said that it is the right of voters to know the criminal history of a candidate in their constituency.

Lok Sabha Elections 2024 : 7 phases of voting in the country

1) First phase polling on April 19, 102 seats.
2) Second phase of polling on April 26, 89 seats.
3) Third phase polling on May 7, 94 seats.
4) Fourth phase polling on May 13, 96 seats.
5) Fifth phase polling on May 20, 49 seats.
6) Sixth phase polling on May 25, 57 seats.
7) Seventh phase voting on June 1, 57 seats.

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: This is also important…

– Voter list up to April 1 updated.
– Voter will take notice within 100 minutes after filing a complaint with the Election Commission.
– If the candidate has a criminal background then it has to be mentioned.
– A total of 1.5 crore personnel will be deployed in the security system.
– Special measures to prevent rumours, control room in every district to prevent violence in Lok Sabha elections.
– Inspection will be done at all airports. All chartered planes will also be inspected.
– Inspection will be done after the helicopter lands.
– Election Commission advises political parties to use social media responsibly.
– Election system will reach every polling station.
– Banks have to provide balance sheets of money.
– Appeal to be aware that immediate action will be taken against fake news.
– There will be no campaigning on the basis of caste, religion.
– Political parties should prepare lists of star campaigners.

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