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Lok Sabha Elections 2024 : Code of Conduct from March 14 or 15 | leader

New Delhi; News Agency: Lok Sabha election dates are likely to be announced on 14th or 15th. It is being said that the Election Commission team is going on a tour of Jammu and Kashmir from March 11 to 13, and after their return, the Election Commission will announce the Lok Sabha elections immediately. (Lok Sabha Elections 2024)

After the Supreme Court directed that Assembly elections be held in Jammu and Kashmir by September, the Election Commission's activities have increased. Even before this, the commission team had once visited Jammu and Kashmir and reviewed the security system. Now, it is said that the commission team is going to the state again from 11th to 13th March, where they will check the holding of assembly elections with the Lok Sabha. (Lok Sabha Elections 2024)

It is said that soon after the team returns to Delhi, the trumpet of the Lok Sabha elections will be blown. Accordingly, it is likely that the Election Commission will hold a press conference and announce the Lok Sabha elections on March 14 or 15. The code of conduct will be implemented across the country immediately thereafter. (Lok Sabha Elections 2024)

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