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Lok Sabha Election: This election is the cause of emergency leader

In 1971, the fifth Lok Sabha election was held in the country. At that time, Indira Gandhi was contesting elections from Bareilly. Raj Narayan Singh had filed his nomination form from the United Socialist Party. The result was announced on March 10. Indira Gandhi defeated Raj Narayan by more than one lakh votes! Raj Narayan appealed to the Allahabad High Court against Indira Gandhi. (Lok Sabha Election)

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It was alleged that Indira Gandhi took the help of government officials to win the election. The court found that between February 1, 1971 and February 25, 1971, Indira Gandhi sought the help of government officials. The court observed that this was a violation of Section 123 (7) of the Representation of the People Act. Therefore, Indira Gandhi was disqualified and banned from contesting elections for six years. After this result, Indira Gandhi declared Emergency in the country on 25 June 1975! Elections were again held in the country in 1977 after the Emergency was lifted. At that time, Raj Narayan defeated Indira Gandhi from Bareilly itself. (Lok Sabha Election)

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