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Lok Sabha Election : Digital Elections

Digambar Darade (Election Special)

After the successful use of 'EVM', the Election Commission has now provided essential election related information to voters using apps. With the help of information technology and digital technology, the electoral process has been made easily accessible to every voter in remote and remote areas.

When the internet did not exist, be it municipal or Lok Sabha, assembly elections, public and private walls were smeared with the candidate's name and party symbol. Roads were also painted for propaganda. A few billboards with the candidate's picture were visible in the area. Most of the billboards were without pictures of candidates or political leaders. Because capturing accurate images was expensive and time-consuming. Candidates used to rely on whatever photographs were printed in the newspapers. Party flags were hoisted everywhere. Before the introduction of flex printing, there was a time of colorful posters through printing.

New promotional inventions like flex printing, digital printing came forward. Social media has become the main medium of publicity. Activists are rarely seen canvassing door to door. Earlier, the candidate's identity cards were reaching every house. However, now candidates are reaching people directly through social media. The method of publicity has completely changed. Now it has been replaced by memes and digital posters, internet media platforms through flex. Reels are most demanded by candidates. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, X and Twitter are being widely used. In such a situation, new experiments are being prepared in the rounds of election meetings and rallies.

T. N. After Seshan became the Election Commissioner, he radically changed the entire electoral system. Now flags, poles, banners and posters are not allowed in public places and people's homes. A code of conduct has curbed the arbitrariness of the campaign.

According to a report, a whopping Rs 52 crore has been spent on political advertisements from March 1 to April 9, 2024, which is six times more than the 2019 elections. The BJP has emerged as the top advertiser, followed by the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) and the Indian National Congress.

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