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Lok Sabha Election 2024: What will happen with one vote? | The political train of 'these' two candidates had fallen by one vote leader

Leaders Online Desk:Some people refrain from voting because of negative thoughts about what their one vote will do. But there are two instances in the history of Indian elections where candidates lost in the assembly by just one vote. On April 19, 1999, the Vajpayee government at the center collapsed by just one vote. (Lok Sabha Election 2024)

Lok Sabha Election 2024: C. P. Joshi was defeated by one vote

In 2003, as the state president of Rajasthan Congress, C. P. Joshi was appointed. C. P. Joshi built the Rajasthan Congress well and the Congress won the 2008 Assembly. But C. P. Joshi, however, suffered a shocking defeat. C with only one vote. P. Joshi was defeated. After the results, Joshi demanded a recount of the postal votes. (Lok Sabha Election 2024)

Kalyan Singh Chavan, Ramesh Chand, Lalit Tiwari and Ramchandra were in the fray against Joshi. There were a total of 501 postal votes, of which 158 were invalid. So 343 votes were valid. BJP's Kalyan Singh Chouhan got 217 votes, Joshi 122, Ramesh Chand 1, Lalit Tiwari 2 and Ramchandra 1. As there is no possibility of any change in the EVM, Joshi demanded a recount of the postal votes. This demand was accepted, but even after a recount, there was no change in the votes. Joshi then demanded a re-counting of the votes in the EVM, but there was no difference. 62215 to Joshi and Chavan was finally conceded by Joshi. Joshi also thanked the Election Commission later. (Lok Sabha Election 2024)

Madhya Pradesh was defeated by one vote

In 2008, Neena Vikram Verma won in Madhya Pradesh by 1 vote. Neena Verma got 50510 votes while opposition Balamukund Singh got 50509 votes. (Power On One Vote)

The Vajpayee government had fallen by 1 vote

In 1998, the NDA government was in power under the leadership of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. After 13 months, AIADMK withdrew its support from the Vajpayee government. On April 19, 1999, a vote of confidence was held, in which the Vajpayee government was defeated by 1 vote.

(Reference – An Undocumented Wonder, Author – S. Y, Qureshi)

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