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Lok Sabha election 2024 : Investment of 3.81 crores in mutual funds, how much is the total assets in the name of Rahul Gandhi? | leader

Leader Online Desk : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi filed his nomination papers for the Lok Sabha elections from Wayanad constituency in Kerala on Wednesday. He has given the details of his assets in the affidavit.

Total assets in Rahul Gandhi's name are more than Rs 20 crores

According to the information given by Rahul Gandhi in the affidavit, he has a total investment of Rs 4.3 crore in the stock market. 3.81 crore of this is mutual fund investment. 55,000 in cash and a total income of Rs 1,02,78,680 (1.02 crore) has been declared in the financial year 2022-23. A total of 20 crore movable and immovable assets are in the name of Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi also has gold bonds worth Rs 15.2 lakh. He has investments worth Rs 61.52 lakh in National Savings Scheme, Postal Savings and Insurance policies. According to the affidavit, Rahul Gandhi has jewelery worth Rs 4.2 lakh. The total value of his movable assets is Rs 9.24 crore, while the total value of his immovable assets is around Rs 11.14 crore. According to the details submitted with his nomination, his net worth is more than Rs 20 crore. Rahul Gandhi also has a liability of around Rs 49.7 lakh.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi filed his candidature for the Lok Sabha elections in Wayanad, Kerala on Wednesday. He is the current MP from this constituency. He had won the 2019 Lok Sabha election with a margin of more than four lakh votes. This year, he will face CPI's senior leader Annie Raja and BJP's Kerala president K Surendran. In Kerala, the single-phase polling to elect MPs from 20 Lok Sabha seats will be held on April 26.

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