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Lok Sabha Election 2024: In the next five years, the world will turn to India: Narendra Modi leader

New Delhi : News Agency : Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his belief that in the next five years India will lead the world.
Modi was speaking at the function of a private news channel. Speaking on this occasion, Modi said that in the last five years, the Indian economy has reached the fifth position in the world. What the people think is more important than what the opposition parties think.

It is because of the economic measures taken by the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government that India is being stung all over the world. Due to its booming economy, India will soon become the third largest economy in the world. In fact, in five years, the world's smoke will come to India. I assure you that in the next five years there will be unprecedented growth in India. After saying Modi's guarantee, the development will be 100 percent. During the United Progressive Alliance government ten years ago, there was only Bajbajpuri.

Development was stunted by the 'Sampua' government, riddled with scams and corruption. Transparency came during the 'Raloa' government. Corruption is rampant. Action is being taken against the fraudsters of the 'Sampua' era on behalf of the investigation agencies. Therefore, the opposition is claiming that the Modi government is targeting the opposition through the investigative system. The country has changed in five years. Even after the crisis after Corona, India made rapid progress. Due to this, developed countries along with global financial institutions like World Bank and International Monetary Fund have become speechless, he also pointed out at this time.

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