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Lok Sabha Election 2024 : Harsh action if religion or places of worship are used; Directions issued by the Election Commission leader

New Delhi: PTI, The Central Election Commission has directed the political parties not to make appeals on the basis of religion or places of worship in the Lok Sabha elections. The commission has said that such statements that will insult gods and goddesses or devotees should also be avoided. (Lok Sabha Election 2024)

The date of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections is likely to be announced at any moment. In this background, the commission has issued directions to the political parties. The commission has also warned that strict action will be taken if it is found that temples, mosques, gurdwaras, churches or places of worship are being used for propaganda. Prior to this, moral understanding was given to the concerned. Violation of this consignment code of conduct will lead to strict action, the commission has instructed. The code of conduct is likely to be implemented this month. Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar has also said that he will not tolerate malpractices in elections. He has also explained earlier that moral ideals should be preached instead of sowing milk seeds through propaganda.

Rules for AI companies during elections

New Delhi: News Agency
The central government has issued guidelines for AI companies like Google and Open AI in the wake of the Lok Sabha elections. Union Minister of State for Information and Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar said that AI companies should not create content or videos that threaten the unity of the country during the election period. AI related companies will have to take permission from the central government due to the new regulations.

Lok Sabha Election 2024 : Notice from Centre;

Chandrasekhar also said that strict action should be taken in case of cases like deepfakes. AI companies need permission from the Center for credibility. Due to the threat of deepfake, all AI companies will have to show a demo to the central government. He also informed that strict action will be taken against the companies found to be misbehaving or violating the rules of the Centre.

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