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Lok Sabha Election 2024 | Candidates are required to disclose crime information 3 times; Parties also have strict rules CANDIDATES WITH CRIMINAL CASES | leader

Leading Online Desk : The Election Commission of the country announced the Lok Sabha elections on Saturday. Assembly elections are being held in Lok Sabha and four adjoining states. The special thing is that candidates cannot hide their criminal background in this election. Candidates with criminal background will have to publish information about pending offenses against them thrice in newspapers and TV channels during the campaign period. So why ticket to candidates with criminal background? The information of this also has to be released to the concerned parties. (CANDIDATES WITH CRIMINAL CASES)

The Supreme Court had given this order in 2020. This will be the first time that these orders will be implemented in the Lok Sabha elections. On Election Commission website Complete information has been given.

Candidates with criminal background will have to inform about the allegations against them three times during the campaign period in newspapers and TV channels. Also, political parties which give tickets to candidates with criminal background will have to publish the information of the respective candidates on the party's website, as well as three times in the newsletter and TV channels.

Following is the list of guidelines for disclosure of information three times

  • Within four days after the day of withdrawal of candidates
  • In the next 5 to 8 days
  • The ninth day is the last day of the campaign.


According to the orders given by the Supreme Court on February 13, 2020, the political parties have to publish the information about the pending crimes against their candidates on the website. Are the nature of the crime, the charges proved? In which court is the case pending? Such information is to be given. Also the reason why the ticket was given to this candidate has to be given. While giving information about the reason for nomination, it is necessary to give information about what the candidate has achieved, his qualifications without giving the reason for electability. This information should be given on the homepage of the website itself. So candidates with criminal background have to be given a tab on the website. (CANDIDATES WITH CRIMINAL CASES)

The parties have to give this information in one regional language newspaper and national newspaper. Also this information has to be posted on the official social media account of the party. This information has to be published within 48 hours after nomination.

What happens if information is not provided?

If the candidates and parties do not release this information, the Election Commission will submit a report in this regard to the Supreme Court and the concerned candidates and parties will be booked for contempt of court.

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