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Life of the starcast changed after Mirzapur: Shweta Tripathi said- Now it is difficult to open the door; Rasika Duggal was scared of the electrician

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  • After Mirzapur, the fate of the starcast changed, Shweta Tripathi said now it is difficult to open the door; Rasika Duggal Was Scared Of The Electrician

Mumbai22 minutes agoAuthor: Ashish Tiwari

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The third season of Mirzapur has been streamed today i.e. on July 5. In this series, Shweta Tripathi Sharma who plays the character of Golu Gupta, Rasika Duggal who plays the character of Beena Tripathi, Anjum Sharma who plays the character of Sharad Shukla and actor Priyanshu Painyuli who plays the character of Robin have had a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar.

During the conversation, Shweta told that the characters of the series have become so popular that now she is scared to open the door of the house. Once Rasika got so scared of the electrician who came to the house that she had to call her husband back home. Shweta also said that people below 18 years of age should not watch this series, because they are not mature enough to understand it.

The names of the characters of this series have already been imprinted in the minds of the audience, how do you guys see it?
White- I really enjoy it when I hear Golu Di and Golu Don from somewhere. This shows how much love the fans have for the show and the character. I like it a lot.
Rasika- My character has had such an impact on people that they are not able to accept me in any other role.

Priyanshu- The characters of the series have had a huge impact on people. In the show, I had a beard and moustache. When I go to the airport, the security guards look at me very carefully and say that I have come in disguise. Then they ask me when the next season will come. Being popular, I am getting love from people.

Anjum- It must have been 3-4 years since people watched the last season. Even today, all the characters of the series are present in their minds. Whenever people meet suddenly somewhere, they try to think hard as to where they have seen it? Suddenly they remember that they have seen it in the Mirzapur series.

There must have been a lot of funny moments with you guys, tell us something about them?
White- Wherever I go, people are telling me about their plans to watch this series. I am not able to understand what is going on. I went to visit Kashi Vishwanath in Banaras. There everyone was saying that Gaja Gamini ji you have come, when will the rest of them come. I will tell you one thing that now it has become a little difficult to open the door. If a delivery boy or someone else comes to the house to do some work, they ask, do you live here? I think no one should know this, especially not about Beena. Her fan story is quite famous.

What's that fan story?
Rasika- I had forgotten, but I remember some things.
White- Let me tell you. Once Rasika was alone at home. Mirzapur season 2 had come at that time. An electrician was standing on the bed and fixing the fan. While fixing the fan, he suddenly said, “You are Bina, right?” Rasika immediately called Mukul (husband) to come home quickly. She knew that his way of speaking was not wrong, but she was scared.

Shweta Tripathi plays the role of Golu Gupta in the series.

Shweta Tripathi plays the role of Golu Gupta in the series.

The female character in the series is very strong, what goes on in your mind while playing the character?
White- Be it my character or Rasika's, both are fighting. It is very important to have a strong presence of women and girls in the story, because that is what is happening in the society. I have no problem fighting. It is important to show on screen what is happening in the society.

Women are working in every field. It is not that something else is going on on the screen and something else in the society. People think that these are girls, but no one knows what is going on in our minds.

The aim of Sharad's character is not to change the power, what would you like to say about the process of this character?
Sharad's endeavour has always been to understand what he is thinking rather than what he is saying. Playing Sharad's character was very challenging.

What is the most beautiful, challenging and one thing you like or dislike about your respective characters in this series?
The most beautiful thing I have got from this series is our cast and crew. When we go on the set, everyone's energy is focused on working towards making the scene the best it can be. We all support each other a lot.

Rasika- The best and beautiful thing is that I have never seen such a huge fan following and loyal audience for any other show. For me, Beena's body language has been challenging. There is no match between Beena and Rasika. The most difficult thing for Beena is that she is unable to make an emotional connection with anyone except Lalla.

Anjum- When something is created on a large scale and you become a part of it, it is a big deal for any actor. Working with an actor who you were a fan of once upon a time. You thought that you will work with them someday, be it Rasika or Pankaj Tripathi.

When I got a chance to work with him, it was a wonderful experience in itself. The good thing about the character was that he thinks before taking any decision. He could not do what he had to do. I did not like this thing.

Priyanshu- I never thought that I would be able to play such a character. I enjoyed challenging myself and seeing it on screen. I felt that I can do this too. I don't believe in violence. I solve the problem by just talking.

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