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Kunal Khemu shared a funny incident: Said- Wife Soha's style of 'slapping' is different, the actor made his directorial debut with 'Madgaon Express'

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Kunal Khemu has recently made his debut as a director. His film 'Madgaon Express' has been released in theaters on 22 March. In such a situation, during an interview, Kunal shared a funny anecdote about his wife Soha Ali Khan.

Kunal Khemu was nervous while making the film
Referring to his wife, Kunal Khemu said that as much as he trusts Soha, he also realizes that she is very blunt. During Kunal Khemu's directorial debut, Soha encouraged him a lot and showed confidence in him. Kunal said- She knew very well that I was excited and nervous about the film. I was carrying a huge burden of making the film. Yes, I have full confidence in myself too. I can understand Soha's feelings. I feel proud and happy with what I have made of 'Margao Express'.

Soha Ali Khan has a different style of slapping
Kunal Khemu was asked whether his wife Soha could ever give a harsh review of Kunal's work? On this Kunal said- She chooses the right words. He knows how to share his thoughts in the right way. Soha never gets wet and slaps. She sits me down, calms me down, and then lovingly points out where I am wrong. This is his way of slapping me (laughs).

What is the story of 'Madgaon Express'
This story is about three friends Dodo (Divyendu), Pinku (Prateik Gandhi) and Ayush (Avinash Tiwari). All three have had a dream of visiting Goa since childhood. Every time due to some reason or the other his trip is not completed. As Ayush and Pinku grow older, they go abroad. They get good jobs there. Only Dodo remains here. Dodo doesn't get any work. He sits at home the whole day and edits pictures with celebrities with the help of Photoshop. To show himself rich and famous, he posts these pictures on social media.

Ayush and Pinku also feel that their friend has become a famous and wealthy person like them. Both of them plan to come back to India. Dodo does not tell them his reality. He lies to them and makes them board the Margao Express and the three friends leave for Goa.

The real story of going to Goa begins. All three accidentally get entangled in the drug trap. The local goons of Goa go after them. It is here that he meets Tasha i.e. Nora Fatehi. Now whether the three friends can escape from the clutches of those goons or not. Will Ayush and Pinku be able to find out the truth about Dodo? The story moves in this direction till the end.

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