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Kolhapur Lok Sabha Elections: Khasbagh Maidan riots! | leader

Rajendra Joshi

Elections in Kolhapur Lok Sabha constituency in Maharashtra are always eye-catching. Initially during the tenure of the then MP Uday Singhrao Gaikwad, this match was one-sided. However, after the formation of NCP in the year 1998, this fight is determined not only for the people of the state, but also for the people of the country. The ground of this Loksabha has become clear. Kolhapur's Shahu Khasbagh Maidan has been decorated for this. For the past few days, the Akhada Pujan of this ground has been started. Now the wrestling will begin. For this, Mahavikas Aghadi has fielded Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj, the heir to the throne of Kolhapur, while on the other side, the current MP Prof. Sanjay Mandlik has been given the green light. Actually this fight is 'Gadi vs Modi'. The future of Kolhapur's development depends on whose back the people of Kolhapur take the role of throwing red soil in this fight.

At the Shahu Khasbagh grounds, a ruckus erupted, as it was customary for the supporters of the rival mallas to occupy the grounds in groups. According to this, as soon as Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj expressed his desire to get down in the Lok Sabha grounds with bandages on his feet, the question of who is the opponent was raised. Mahayuti also kept stressing this issue for no reason. If the candidature of the elected councilors who were elected by record votes had been declared immediately, then they would have started working. But in party politics, election is a great opportunity for party leaders to sway the candidates. Due to this, the group had to travel between Mumbai and Delhi. Time and again he was brought up to say that I am the candidate and what is more, he was also warned by the workers that he has to enter the fray as an independent. In the end, although the Mahayuti sealed the name of the Mandalikas, the responsibility of filling the gap in the announcement of candidature will also be on the leaders of the alliance.

Chhatrapati Shahu's clan of Kolhapur is known for being soft-spoken and restrained, while the Mandalik clan is known for its aggressiveness. It was through this aggression that MP Sadashivrao Mandalika wrested the Kagal MLA seat from Vikram Singh Raj and when he had a fight with Sharad Pawar, Pawar mocked Sadashivrao as a 'Bashabail', the Mandalikas, who were burning with insults, taught a lesson to Pawar himself. As an independent, Mandalik became famous among Marathi people all over the world as a fighter who challenged Pawar's strategy in the Lok Sabha. Congress dignitaries had come to Delhi airport to wave him off with aartya. In this fight, the Mandalikas defeated the Yuvraj Sambhaji Raje of the Chhatrapati family.

Now the second round of conflict with the Chhatrapati family has begun. The first battle was between Mandalik and Yuvraj. Now Chhatrapati himself has entered the arena to fight against Mandalika's son. Sanjay Mandalik had defeated NCP candidate Dhananjay Mahadik in the last election. At that time, Satej Patil's army and logistics were also standing with the Mandalikas. In the meantime, a lot of water flowed under the bridge. The Mahadikas left the NCP and the Mandalikas left the Mahavikas Aghadi after the transfer of power in the state. Due to this, there is now a shift in politics, Satej Patil is standing behind Chhatrapati, and Dhananjay Mahadik is standing behind Mandalika. The color of the election will depend on how well both the youth leaders play a role in this.

In 1989, Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj went to the National Congress headquarters to seek the Kolhapur Lok Sabha candidature in Delhi. At that time Uday Singhrao Gaikwad was shown the green lantern by the Shresthis. Because of this, Chhatrapati, who was somewhat distant from politics, took the path of social causes. He joined Shiv Sena in 1997. After the defeat of Yuvraj Sambhaji Raje, it was speculated that Chhatrapati will not enter the field. But after the very existence of the opposition party arose, Pawar forced Maharaj to tie a nappy at the age of 76 as a candidate for Katajod. For that, Maharaj's condition was also accepted to make Shiv Sena leave the seat for Congress. Now Maharaj has become active in campaigning. According to them, activists try to reach out to households. Messages have started circulating on social media. Against this backdrop, whether the people of Kolhapur stay behind Gadi or support Modi for a hat-trick in the Lok Sabha, only time will tell.

The state assembly elections are held exactly six months after the Lok Sabha elections. Many leaders want to retain their position in this election. Moreover, as the condition of good performance is imposed, they will also have to show their merit. Due to this, if we consider the Lok Sabha constituency, the division of constituencies looks heavy on paper. In Chandgarh, his brother-in-law Rajesh Patil is the sitting MLA, while minister Hasan Mushrif is sitting on the seats of Gadhinglaj, Azra, Kagal. Kagal is believed to be the Jahagiri of the Ghatge family.

Samarjitsinh Ghatge is a bit upset with the new structure of politics. Even though they have been panchayat due to the defection of their rivals to the BJP, for the coming future they will have to build the jagir of Kagal voters behind the Mandalikas. In Bhudargarh, Abitkar will have to try his hand at leadership. Rajesh Kshirsagar will have to show merit in Kolhapur North and Mahadik Group in South. Now Maharaj's side in the city and in Karveer Satej Patil and P. N. Patil will increase here. Of course, a lot depends on how this fiefdom on paper ends up in the actual ballot box, and with Chhatrapati himself standing, the Mandalikas will also have to tie their legs.

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