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Kolhapur is now known in the country due to honey along with red and white Russia leader

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New Delhi: Along with the familiarity of Tambada-Pandhara Rassa and Rangdi Kusti, now the sweetness of Kolhapur's soil is going to reach the country on the occasion of honey. Patgaon village in Bhudargad taluka of Kolhapur district and Manghar village in Mahabaleshwar taluka of Satara district will be known as honey villages in the country. Almost hundred percent people in these villages are engaged in honey business. Therefore, on this occasion, Kolhapur and Satara will have a different identity at the national level.

The World Textile Festival was recently held in the capital Delhi. There is a demand for this honey from northern states like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Assam and also from North East Indian states. National Khadi Village Industries Board has started a special training program for beekeeping. Through this, training and distribution of materials have been done to local people in beekeeping industry. Where honey village will be constructed. Industry materials will be distributed to the people of that village on the basis of 80% government subsidy and 20% self investment. The Chief Executive Officer of Khadi and Village Industries Board R. Vimala told 'Pudhari'.

At the recently held World Textile Festival in the capital city of Delhi, there was a pavilion of beekeeping industry under the Khadi Gramodyog Mandal. Khadi Gramodyog Mandal is working to increase employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in rural areas of the state. Under this, training is provided at various places to do beekeeping business. Under the Madh Kendra Yojana of the state government, the beekeeping scheme is being implemented in the state on the basis of 50 percent government subsidy and 50 percent self-investment of the beneficiary. Under this, educated unemployed youth, women, farmers are given training in beekeeping industry. Along with this, the necessary materials are also being provided. The honey produced by the farmer through this industry is procured through the Honey Directorate, Mahabaleshwar, Satara at a guaranteed price. It is processed and sold in national and international markets. Through Honey Directorate Mahabaleshwar, farmers' honey gets better price. Some farmers have also created their own brand of honey under the guidance of Directorate of Honey, Mahabaleshwar and are doing business across the country.

Meanwhile, the honey produced by Directorate of Honey Mahabaleshwar has received demand from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Assam etc. Raghunath Narayankar, Research Officer of Honey Directorate Mahabaleshwar said that this demand is due to the purity of honey. He also said that the people who visited the gallery were given information about how to recognize the purity of honey.

Along with this, the Khadi Village Industry Board is also working for the conservation and rearing of bees. Where there are honey bee colonies, a five-day special training on how to scientifically collect honey is conducted by the Khadi Village Industries Board and this training is completely free. People from various wadis can participate and clear their doubts about bee collection or beekeeping business. In this training, information about honey harvesting, its sale, employment generated from it and preservation of bees is given.

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