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Katrina Kaif found Vicky Kaushal 'Khadoos': She also called Vicky the 'most unromantic gift giving person'

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Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal dated for a few years and got married in the year 2021. This couple is often seen expressing their love for each other in interviews.

Katrina Kaif thought Vicky Kaushal was 'khadoos'
Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal did not tell the world about their relationship before marriage. However, after marriage, both are seen talking about each other. Recently, during an interview, Vicky was asked what Katrina did not like about him. To this Vicky replied that for the first two years of their relationship, Katrina used to call him 'Khadus'. Vicky told that Katrina does not appreciate his stubbornness. When asked whether this is because Vicky does not apologize first? Responding to this, Vicky said- I apologize first. But sometimes, I become stubborn. Unless I'm sure about something, I don't take the initiative to apologize. For the first two years of our relationship, Katrina found my resting face 'irritating'.

Vicky seemed unromantic in gifting to Katrina
Vicky further told in the show 'No Filter Neha' that Katrina has called him the 'most unromantic gift giving person'. When Neha was asked what was the last gift Vicky gave to his wife, Vicky said – Jewellery.

The actress became Vicky's fan from 'URI'
Neha also shared the story of the time when Katrina had come for the screening of Vicky's film 'URI: The Surgical Strike'. At that time Vicky-Katrina were not dating each other. Neha told that during the screening, Katrina was completely surprised by the actor's performance. Neha recalled and said- It seemed as if Katrina was enjoying that beautiful moment where she was looking at you very lovingly.

Neha also told the story of Vicky-Katrina's marriage.
Neha was also one of the attendees at Vicky and Katrina's wedding and she also shared some memories from that time. Neha asked who took the important decisions during the three-day wedding celebrations? Vicky says- I told Katrina one thing, I will do only that which will make you happy. You get peace only when your wife is happy. To be honest, those three days were the happiest and most beautiful days of my life so far.

There have been changes in the lives of Vicky and Katrina after marriage.
Vicky also said that while he believes in destiny, Katrina is a go with the flow kind of person. Over the past few years, Vicky-Katrina have started looking at life from each other's perspective. By doing this, positive changes have also come in the lives of both of them.

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