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Kate Middleton appeared for the first time after being diagnosed with cancer: was present at the Trooping the Colour event; King Charles, who is suffering from the same disease, was also seen

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King Charles and his daughter-in-law Kate Middleton have made a public appearance after a long time. Both of them arrived today (Saturday) to attend the Trooping the Colour parade. King Charles and Princess of Wales Kate Middleton are both suffering from cancer, yet they marked their presence in this event. This is the first time Kate has appeared in public after revealing her illness. She has not appeared in public since Christmas last year.

What is the Trooping the Colour event?
The Trooping the Colour event is held every year in June. This is an event celebrated on the King's birthday. On this occasion, a large military parade is held in London. It is not that the King was born in June. This event has been held in June since the time of King Charles II. Organizing the event in June is symbolic in a way.

In this parade, the British army shows its skill and valor. In this parade, British soldiers parade and do military drill with horses in full military uniform.

Kate said- I am not completely out of danger
Before attending this event, Kate Middleton gave her health update through social media. A post was shared by Kate Middleton on the Prince and Princess of Wales account on Instagram. In this, Kate wrote that she is taking chemotherapy and her condition is improving, but she is not completely out of danger. She is seeing both good and bad days during the treatment.

kate middleton and King Charles both have cancer
Kate Middleton released a video message on March 22 informing about her cancer. In January 2024, Kate underwent stomach surgery. She was in the hospital for two weeks. Since then, she has not appeared in public. This was the reason why many questions were being raised about her health.

In January, news of King Charles also having cancer came to light. He had a prostate operation. At that time, symptoms of some other disease were seen in his body. After this, Buckingham Palace said that a type of cancer has been confirmed after examining those symptoms.

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