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Kasparov also speechless on Gukesh's 'chess'; Said, “Indian Earthquake in Toronto”

Leader Online Desk : India's 17-year-old Grandmaster D. won the Candidates Chess Tournament held in Toronto, Canada. Gukesh has created history. He has become the youngest player in the world to win this world chess tournament. He has become the youngest challenger for the world title, breaking Garry Kasparov's record 40 years ago. Even Kasparov was stunned by his performance. He has specially congratulated Gukesh by posting on social media.

D. Gukesh made history

A chess challenger tournament was held in Toronto, Canada. The tournament was held in a double round robin format among the total eight players who qualified for this tournament. India's D with 9 points in this match. Gukesh won the title. Earning 20 FIDE points in this competition, D. Gukesh jumped up to 10th place in the world rankings. He has now also become India's number one player by achieving the sixth position.

Indian Earthquake in Toronto…

Kasparov said in a post on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). “Congratulations! The Indian earthquake in Toronto is the culmination of shifting tectonic plates in the world of chess. Because 17-year-old Gukesh Di will face China's champion Ding Liren for the top title. Vishwanath Anand's “sons” have now escaped.”

Gukesh is a disciple of Vishwanath Anand

Gukesh is a disciple of Viswanathan Anand, who has been an inspiration to Indian chess players and won the title of five times world chess champion. While congratulating Gukesh, Vishwanath Anand said, “I am personally very proud of the way you played and handled difficult situations on the field. Enjoy this happy moment.”

Gukesh has become the youngest challenger in the world

In the 74-year history of the first 'Chess Challenger' tournament in Budapest in 1950, 17-year-old D. Gukesh became the youngest challenger. Gukesh also has a chance to become the youngest world chess champion. Which can break the record of world champions Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen.

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