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Kannada star Darshan wants home cooked food in jail: Petition filed in High Court, said- jail food led to weight loss, food poisoning and diarrhea

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Kannada actor Darshan Thugudeepa is currently in jail in the murder case of his fan Renukaswami. He has filed a petition in the Karnataka High Court requesting that he be allowed to eat home-cooked food in the jail. Apart from this, Darshan has also demanded that clothes, bedding and books be provided to him in the jail.

lost weight after eating jail food

In his petition for permission to eat homemade food, Darshan has argued that he has lost weight rapidly due to jail food. He is neither able to eat nor digest the food provided in jail. He also suffered from diarrhea and food poisoning. Darshan's petition is yet to be heard.

Darshan in police custody.

Darshan in police custody.

Charge sheet will be filed only after sufficient evidence is found

Recently, Karnataka Home Minister Parameshwar said that the accused have been arrested but a chargesheet will be filed only after sufficient evidence is found. Parameshwar said, 'The case cannot be settled in a fast forward manner just on the say of the media. I have already said that there is no need to protect anyone in this case and this will not be done.'

Darshan is in jail since June 11

Darshan is currently in jail on charges of murdering his 33-year-old fan Renukaswamy. His police custody is till July 18. So far, the police investigation has revealed that the 33-year-old deceased Renukaswamy was a fan of actor Darshan.

In January 2024, Kannada actress Pavitra Gowda celebrated her 10th anniversary with Darshan. This brought their relationship into controversy as Darshan is already married.

Pavithra Gowda and Darshan.

Pavithra Gowda and Darshan.

Renukaswamy used to send objectionable messages to Pavitra

Renukaswamy was very angry with this news. He was constantly messaging Pavitra and asking her to stay away from Darshan. Initially, Pavitra ignored his messages, but later Renukaswamy started sending objectionable messages and threats.

After this, Pavitra instigated Darshan to kill Renukaswamy. She also asked him to punish him. Darshan kidnapped Renukaswamy with the help of his companions. Everyone took him to a godown. Where he was tortured before being murdered.

According to the police, Darshan and his companions beat Renuka Swami to death in the godown. After the murder, Darshan's companions' clothes were soaked in blood. They went to a nearby Reliance store and bought new clothes and changed them there.

Deceased Renukaswami.

Deceased Renukaswami.

Police found Renukaswamy's body on June 9

Renukaswamy's body was found near an apartment in Kamakshipalya area of ​​Bengaluru on June 9. When the police investigated the area around the crime scene, they saw Darshan and Pavitra coming out of the crime scene in CCTV footage. The mobile numbers of both were active in the same area from 11 pm to 3 am.

After this, Darshan and Pavitra were arrested on June 11. The police have so far arrested 19 people including Darshan and Pavitra in this case.

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