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Kangana got angry at those supporting the female constable: said- their mentality is that of criminals, such people would also support rape and murder

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Kangana Ranaut has given a strong response to those who are supporting the female constable who slapped her. Kangana wrote on social media that those who are supporting that female constable, somewhere they might also be supporting heinous crimes like rape and murder.

Kangana wrote that whoever commits a crime, there is definitely a thought behind it. That thought can be physical, financial or psychological, but it is not true that his crime is justified in any way. Whatever the reason behind the crime, the criminal has to be punished.

Actually, on June 6, a female constable of CISF slapped Kangana at Chandigarh airport. Kangana was going through the check-in process when this incident happened with her. The female constable said that she was angry with Kangana's statement during the farmers' movement.

Read first what Kangana wrote
'Every rapist, murderer and thief has a physical, economic and psychological reason for committing the crime. No crime is ever committed without a reason. Still, no mercy is shown to the criminal. He is definitely punished.

If a person enters someone's private zone and harms them, exploits them, touches their body without permission and you are supporting such a person, then somewhere you are supporting the criminals who commit rape and murder. You should also look inside yourself and see if you also have criminal tendencies. I would suggest you to spend more time in yoga and meditation. Don't carry so much hatred and jealousy with you.

Shabana Azmi also supported Kangana
Veteran actress Shabana Azmi, who has differences with Kangana's views, has also opposed the slapping incident. She wrote in support of Kangana- I have no love for Kangana, but I cannot enjoy the slapping incident in any way. This is wrong. If the security people start taking the law in their own hands like this, then none of us is safe.

Now understand the whole matter
After winning the Lok Sabha elections from Mandi seat, Kangana was slapped by CISF woman constable Kulwinder Kaur at Chandigarh airport on Thursday (6 June). This incident happened on Thursday afternoon at 3:30 pm. Kangana was going from Chandigarh to Delhi. Then during the security check at the airport, she had an argument with the woman constable and slapped her.

A video of the woman constable surfaced at that time in which she is saying, 'Kangana had said that people are sitting in the farmers' movement for Rs 100 each. When she gave this statement, my mother was also sitting there.'

After hitting Kangana, the female constable started shouting loudly at the airport.

After hitting Kangana, the female constable started shouting loudly at the airport.

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