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Juhi of 'Kumkum' almost died on Holi: She gained 17 kg weight in 2 months due to illness, couldn't even recognize her face.

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From 2002 to 2009, a show was telecast on Star Plus, named Kumkum – Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan. The popularity of this show was so much that when there was no TV, people used to go to other people's houses and watch it.

In this show, Juhi Parmar was seen in the role of Kumkum Rai Wadhwa and this show brought her tremendous success in a short time. In this year's Struggle Story, we have included their story.

Juhi always wanted to become an actress. When she reached Mumbai, she too had to struggle like common strugglers. There came a time when he had decided to leave the industry. The reason was that she was tired of doing small roles. Then the TV show Kumkum fell into his lap and everything changed.

There was struggle in Juhi's personal life also. His marriage broke up within 9 years. Today Juhi is a single mother of an 11 year old daughter. Due to thyroid, her weight had increased so much that she could not even recognize her own face.

Read the story of Juhi Parmar's struggle, in her own words…

Juhi was born on 14 December 1980 in Jaipur.

Juhi was born on 14 December 1980 in Jaipur.

Had decided to become an actress at the age of 12
Juhi tells about her initial journey of acting, 'Since I was 12 years old, I used to dream of becoming an actress. At the same time, I told this to my family members too, but they thought I was joking. He believed that I had come after watching a picture, that is why I was talking in such a pretentious manner. However, his thinking was completely wrong.

Even growing up, I was always passionate about acting. At this stage of age, when my parents saw that I had not changed my dream, they supported me.

Had planned to leave the industry after not getting good work
Like a common man, Juhi also came to Mumbai to try her hand in the world of acting. About this journey he told, 'For the first time, father had come to drop me to Mumbai. Here I stayed at my distant uncle's house for a year. Then she started living in PG.

Like any other struggler, I too had to face rejection. However, I always knew that there would be many difficulties in achieving this dream. I did small shows in the beginning. Also did dubbing for many cartoon shows. Because of these things, I kept moving forward and continued to survive.

However, after some time I got tired of these things. Even after a long time, when he did not get a big job, all hopes started falling apart. Tired and exhausted, I decided to go back home. I had thought that I would do some other work for growth in my career.

First earning was Rs 500
Regarding financial struggle, Juhi told, 'I came to Mumbai with Rs 5000. After this, whenever there was shortage of money, father kept giving it without any question, but after 2 months I realized that I would not be able to do anything big in life like this. After this I stopped taking money from father.

Then the process of commuting in local trains and walking to save money started.

My first earning was only Rs 500. I got this money for dubbing the voice of the bird. Of these, I kept Rs 200 for my own expenses. Bought a saree for mother with the remaining Rs 300.

Did not want to audition for the show Kumkum
Juhi Parmar got a lot of popularity from the TV show Kumkum. Regarding getting work in this show, Juhi said, 'It was just some time after I reached Jaipur that I got a call from Mumbai. Got to know that audition for a very good show is going on and I should also give it. I was not at all in the mood for this audition. Then I thought I would take one last chance.

I came back to Mumbai and gave the audition. Luckily I got selected and after this I became famous as Kumkum on-screen.

Love marriage in 2009, relationship broke after 9 years
Juhi married actor Sachin Shroff in 2009. After dating for some time, both of them had a love marriage. After 4 years of marriage, Juhi gave birth to daughter Samaira. Till now everything was going well in their life, but after this things started deteriorating between Juhi and Sachin. As a result, the couple got divorced in 2018. After divorce, Juhi is raising her daughter alone.

Regarding this he said, 'To be honest, I have done single parenting since the beginning. Ever since Samaira was born, I have taken care of her needs. Then when we got divorced, all the legal responsibilities fell on my shoulders. It was very difficult to take care of Samaira along with working, but I did it. My parents supported me the most during this bad time.

Samaira is just 11 years old, but she knows everything. He knows that I am his parents. However, neither of us need anyone. We are enough for each other.

This is the wedding picture of Juhi and Sachin.  Both of them got married in 2009.

This is the wedding picture of Juhi and Sachin. Both of them got married in 2009.

Juhi almost died on Holi
There came a time in Juhi's life when she was on the verge of death. Regarding this incident, he told, 'Holi night of 2019 was very scary for me. This day I was at my friend Aashka Goradia's house. Holi party was going on, everyone was eating and drinking. I was also eating when the food got stuck. The condition became so bad that I could not even breathe. It seemed that I would not be able to survive even for the next 5 minutes.

Seeing my condition, Aashka took me to the hospital. At this moment nothing could be thought of except Adara. Stories from my entire life started floating before my eyes. She started pleading God not to let me die just for the sake of my daughter. Let me live for him. I told my friend to take care of my daughter Samaira.

However, after some time treatment my health improved. After this incident I have been reborn.

Juhi dancing with daughter Samaira.  She often uploads her videos with her daughter on social media.

Juhi dancing with daughter Samaira. She often uploads her videos with her daughter on social media.

Due to illness, Juhi's weight had increased by 15-17 kg in 2 months.
Personality matters a lot in the acting field. In many big projects, work is available only on the basis of fit body. If an actor or actress does not lose weight even if he wants to, then imagine how difficult it will be to survive in the acting field. Something similar happened with Juhi also.

Juhi says, 'When I was diagnosed with thyroid, I didn't know what it was. Before I could understand what thyroid was, it hit me. My weight started increasing rapidly. In just 2 months my weight had increased by 15-17 kg.

There was swelling in the entire body. The weight increased so much that it became difficult to recognize oneself. Because of this the mood was bad all the time. I was sad most of the day. There was a change in the voice also.

However, I could not bear this disease for long. After some time I prepared myself and controlled it. Today, with the help of exercise and proper diet, my condition is much better.

Juhi was seen as a contestant in Bigg Boss 5.

Juhi was seen as a contestant in Bigg Boss 5.

Regarding recent projects, Juhi said, 'Recently I have worked in TVF's show Yeh Meri Family. There is no special upcoming project as of now.

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