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Judiciary pressured by an “interested” group! Letter from over 600 lawyers including Harish Salve to CJI | Leader

Leaders Online Desk: Chief Justice D. Y. A letter has been written to Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud. In this letter, he expressed concern about the efforts of a certain group to influence the judiciary. This group used pressure techniques to influence court decisions. The 'that' group continued to exert pressure, especially in cases of political leaders and corruption allegations.

“These actions pose a serious threat to democracy and trust in the judicial process,” the lawyers added in a letter titled “Threat to the Judiciary”.

The lawyers also claimed that “interest groups” are spreading false propaganda about the so-called “golden age” of the judiciary to discredit the current proceedings and undermine public confidence in the justice system.

The lawyers have also mentioned in the letter some of the tactics adopted by a group. It includes criticizing or praising court decisions based on political agenda. It's called the “my way or the highway” approach.

“Some lawyers take a defensive stance for politicians during the day and try to influence judges through the media at night. It is distressing to see,” the lawyers said in a letter to the chief justice.

The letter indicated that the said group was promoting the whole theory of “bench fixing”. It also expressed concern about “political upheaval”.

“It is very strange to see politicians accusing someone of corruption and then defending them in court. “If the court's decision does not suit them, they are quick to criticize the courts within the court as well as through the media,” the lawyers said.

Highlighting the developments just ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the lawyers' group alleged that some elements are trying to influence the judges and spread falsehoods on social media to pressure the judges to take certain decisions.

'Attack on judicial system, concrete steps should be taken to protect it'

“These attempts to undermine and manipulate the courts for personal and political reasons cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. We urge the Supreme Court to take concrete steps to protect our courts from these attacks on the judicial system,” the letter added.

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