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JD Majithia had apologized to Shahrukh Khan: He had done a publicity stunt outside Mannat to promote the film Khichdi without permission

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Popular producer JD Majethia had to apologize for doing a promotional stunt outside superstar Shahrukh Khan's house Mannat. Recently JD Majethia has revealed that he had gone outside Shahrukh's house Mannat to promote the film Khichdi without Shahrukh's permission. Shahrukh Khan was not at home at that time.

In a recent interview to Radio Nasha, JD Majethia said, I will remain very loyal. We did a media stunt to promote our film Khichdi. We thought that we will go outside Mannat and do something that will make Shahrukh Khan come out of his house and ask about us. Obviously he knew about the show Khichdi. Media and fans were also present there, but we did not know whether Shahrukh Khan was in Mannat at that time or not. We reached there without knowing anything.

The Khichdi team outside Mannat.

The Khichdi team outside Mannat.

JD Majithia has said that the publicity stunt done outside Mannat was successful, although later he regretted that he did the promotional stunt outside Shahrukh's house without permission. On this he said, I apologize to Shahrukh ji. I am thankful to him. This was a publicity stunt. He did not even know that we were there.

JD Majithia has told that by the time Shahrukh returned to Mannat, his team had already returned. He was told that some people are his fans and want him to promote the film. After this, Shahrukh went to meet JD Majithia and his team during the press conference of the film Khichdi. After this, JD Majithia apologized for doing a publicity stunt outside Mannat without permission.

Shahrukh Khan at the press conference of Khichdi.

Shahrukh Khan at the press conference of Khichdi.

Further, JD Majithia has also told that he had invited Shahrukh Khan to distribute the trophy to the artists on completion of thousand episodes of Wagle Ki Duniya TV show. In this regard, he had also talked to Shahrukh Khan's manager Pooja Dadlani, but at that time Shahrukh was busy in IPL. JD Majithia wanted to approach him during a match, but he did not do so so that Shahrukh does not get disturbed.

Let us tell you that after achieving success in TV, JD Majithia made the film Khichdi. The first film was released in 2010, which was well liked by the audience. Its sequel film Khichdi 2 was released in the year 2023, however due to the big clash, the film could not do any special wonders at the box office.

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