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Jaya Bachchan told the reason for the anxiety of the youth: She told social media as the reason, said – people of the older generation are less stressed.

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Jaya Bachchan does not like internet and social media much. He spoke about online culture in the new episode of his granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda's podcast What the Hell Navya. In the episode he discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the internet. Jaya said that the biggest reason for anxiety among the youth is that they get too much information online.

He believes that people already know so much about us. What do we need to tell on Instagram?

Jaya said that nowadays there is a lot of pressure on the youth to answer calls and respond quickly. He told Navya that in today's generation you learn everything online.

What you see on the internet and on your phone is what you believe to be true. You want to know from people on social media whether you are looking good or not. He said that all these things cause anxiety.

People of older generation are less stressed – Jaya Bachchan

Further, Navya asked her grandmother whether the older generation does not have anxiety, to which Jaya immediately said, of course, the people of the older generation are less stressed. However, Navya expressed her views and said that she does not feel stressed and she handles it well. On this Jaya said- You don't think that you are stressed but somewhere you are.

Jaya further said- When we were children, we had not heard about anxiety. Forget about childhood, we have never heard this even in our life. Where does this come from? This happens because you are constantly being given information. What does this girl look like, where does she come from? How is she doing her makeup? This creates stress on your mind.

Why does Jaya stay away from social media?
In the same promo, Jaya Bachchan talked about sharing her life on social media. He explained in gestures why he is away from social media. The actress said- The world knows a lot about us. So I don't need to share on Instagram.

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