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Israel Strike On Iranian Embassy: Israel's bomb attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria; 8 killed including Supreme Commander | leader

Leaders Online Desk: Israel bombed the Iranian embassy in Syria on Monday (2nd). Iran's top commander, along with 8 military advisers, were killed in the attack. Iran's Noor News Agency reported that Hossein Akbari, Iran's ambassador to Damascus, and his family were safe in the attack. (Israel Strikes On Iranian Embassy)

The Israeli attack targeted the Iranian embassy building in the Syrian capital. It is reported that 8 people died in these attacks. Government media has given this information. Syria's state news agency SANA said the Israeli attack targeted the Iranian consulate building in Majeh, near Damascus. The news agency Reuters has reported the death of Iranian commander Mohammad Reza Zahedi in this attack. Local media reported eight people were killed in the building, including a senior commander. Two civilians and a member of Hezbollah, Hussain Yusuf, were also killed. (Israel Strikes On Iranian Embassy)

The building near the embassy was demolished

There is currently no response from Israel. As the Gaza war against Hamas rages since October 7, Israel has intensified attacks on terrorist groups linked to Iran. A building near the embassy was razed to the ground in this attack. Iranian media reported that one of the buildings in the complex was completely destroyed in the attacks in Damascus. However, the ambassador was not harmed. (Israel Strikes On Iranian Embassy)

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