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Israel-Iran tensions rise.. Chain bombs on Iran-backed military base in Iraq

Leader Online Desk : A series of bomb blasts hit an Iran-backed military base in Iraq amid tensions in West Asia. Iran is suspected to have caused this explosion by Israel. Iran's Ministry of Interior claimed that one person was killed and eight others were injured in this attack. A military source said that three Iraqi military personnel were injured in this attack.

Muhannad al-Anaji, a member of the Security Committee in Iraq, said the investigation into the explosions at the Kalsu military base in al-Mashrou district on the highway north of Babylon governorate is ongoing. Iranian officials clarified that no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. It is also not possible to say whether it was a drone attack or not. Equipment, weapons and vehicles were damaged in the blast. Meanwhile, Iran suspects that the explosion was carried out by Israel. However, Israeli and US officials have denied these allegations.

Tensions between Iran and Israel escalated

On October 7, 2023, Hamas, a terrorist organization, attacked Israel. Israel suspects that Iran is behind the attack. A series of attacks this month between Israel and Iran have exposed the ongoing secret war. The Iranian embassy in Damascus was attacked. Seven people, including two top commanders of Iran's military, were killed in the attack. Iran blamed Israel for the attack. Iran has warned that such an attack will be retaliated with more force. Iran recently attacked Israel with over 300 missiles and drones.

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