Thursday, May 23, 2024

Israel Hamas War: Israeli tanks blow up five of its own soldiers

Leader Online Desk : Israel Hamas War : A strange incident happened on Thursday (16th) in the Israel-Hamas war that has been going on for the last eight months. Which has shocked everyone. In fact, it has come to light that five of their soldiers were killed in an Israeli tank attack. Incidents have also taken place in northern Gaza. The military officers of Israel themselves gave information about this. He also said that he has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

According to the IDF, five people were killed in this incident: Staff Sergeant Roy Beit Yaakov (age 22), Staff Sergeant Ilan Cohen (20), Staff Sergeant Betzalel David Shashua (21), Sergeant Gilad Aryeh Boim (22), Sergeant Daniel Kemu (20). Lives have been lost. It has been said that seven jawans are injured and three of them are serious.

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