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Israel Hamas War : Israeli attacks on Palestinians awaiting aid; 56 people killed leader

Leaders Online Desk: Israeli forces have attacked Palestinian civilians waiting for aid in the Gaza Strip. In the last 48 hours, 56 people have been killed in five separate attacks on aid distribution centers. Palestine has claimed that more than 300 have been injured.

On Thursday, 29 Palestinians were killed while waiting for aid in two separate Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip. Gaza's health ministry said more than 150 people were injured. The first incident took place in al-Nusirat camp in the central Gaza Strip. Eight people were killed in an airstrike on a camp here. In a second incident, Gaza's health ministry said Israeli forces opened fire on a crowd waiting for an aid truck in a northern Gaza square. 21 people were killed and more than 150 injured. Since then, in the last 48 hours, around 56 people have been killed in Israeli attacks on aid stations.

Meanwhile, “We hold the US administration and the international community, in addition to the 'Israeli' business, fully responsible for the crime of genocide,” the enclave government's media office said in a statement on Telegram.

It is claimed that 13 thousand terrorists have died

According to Gaza health officials, more than 31,000 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the Israel-Hamas war. More than 71,500 have been injured. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that at least 13,000 Hamas terrorists have been killed in this war.

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