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Israel-Gaza war: 112 dead, more than 750 injured, Israel denies firing on people who came to seek food aid | leader

Leaders Online Desk: The Israel-Palestine conflict has been going on for the past few days. The repercussions of this are still emerging. A shocking news is coming out recently. More than 112 civilians have been killed and over 750 injured as Israeli forces fired on Palestinians trying to get food for their families amid a famine in the Gaza Strip. Gaza authorities have claimed Israeli forces opened fire. (Israel-Gaza war)

Israel-Gaza war: 112 killed; Over 750 injured

According to reports, over 112 Palestinians have been killed and over 750 injured as Israeli forces opened fire on hundreds of people waiting for food due to famine in southwest Gaza City. Health officials say the besieged enclave is at risk of starvation.

Gaza's health ministry said on Thursday (Dec 29) that at least 100 people had been killed and more than 750 wounded, with the Palestinian foreign ministry condemning it as a cold-blooded “massacre”. The ministry said the attack was part of Israel's ongoing “war of genocide”. It urged the international community to intervene immediately to create a ceasefire as the only way to protect civilians. A witness at the scene said people had gathered on Al-Rashid Street as aid trucks carrying flour were en route. We went to fetch flour. The Israeli army shot at us. Many fell on the ground. There are no first aid.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned the incident, saying “the desperate citizens of Gaza need urgent aid,

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