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Israel attacks Iran Revenge of the attack! Israel fires missiles at Iran, multiple explosions in Isfahan province, Dubai-Iran flights canceled

Leaders Online: Israel has attacked Iran. Israel carried out missile and drone attacks on some areas of Iran. But Iran's military repelled an Israeli attack early on Friday and destroyed its drone, official Iranian government media reported. This has increased tensions in the Middle East. According to Iran's FARS news agency, several explosions were heard near a military base in Isfahan province. Where the fighter planes are. Iran's air defense system has been activated in several provinces in the wake of the Israeli attack. (Israel attacks Iran)

by Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian CNNXi said that if Israel took any further military action against Iran, it would be retaliated “immediately and at a high level”.

An Iranian official said there was no missile attack and that the blasts were the result of Iran's air defense system being activated. A Reuters report quoted a source as saying that the US was not involved in the attack. But before this attack, Israel had indicated that.

Iran retaliated against Israel by launching a series of 300 drone and missile strikes on Israel last Sunday at 3:00 AM. The US military shot down many of these drones in the air before they crashed; While Israel's Iron Dome and Aero 3 defense system stopped the Iranian missiles. We neutralized 99 percent of Iran's strikes in the air. Israel's army claimed that most of the drones and missiles were shot down on the way. Israel has responded well to this attack by Iran. (Israel Iran War)

Flight service from Dubai to Iran canceled

A flight from Dubai to Tehran was diverted back to the United Arab Emirates on Friday morning after Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran was closed. All flights between Dubai and Iran have been cancelled, according to a flydubai spokesperson. (Israel attacks Iran)

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