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'Ishq Vishk Rebound' actress Nayla will not do intimate scenes without reason: said- 'Sometimes these are just to attract the attention of the audience'

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'Ishq Vishk Rebound' fame Nayla Grewal is strictly against shooting unnecessary intimate scenes. According to the actress, many times intimate scenes are filmed only to attract the audience. Therefore, before signing any project, she puts some conditions like if there is an intimate scene, then to what extent it will be shown, how important it is in the story, she should know about it beforehand.

Let us tell you, Nayla has worked with many famous actors including Ranbir Kapoor, Ayushmann Khurrana, Ravi Kishan in her career so far. She will soon be seen in the web series 'Mamla Legal Hai' Season 2.

Recently, while talking to Dainik Bhaskar, the actress shared some things related to her professional life. Let's know what Naila Grewal said:

This is just the beginning

After 'Ishq Vishk Rebound', I have received a lot of positive response as an actor. Despite having a small role, people are liking me. This is a big thing for me. This is just the beginning. I have a lot of work to do in the future. I have to show my work to the audience in different styles. I am very happy.

Filmmaker-choreographer Farah Khan praised

Farah Khan choreographed the song 'Gore Gore Mukhde' in the film. She was very impressed with my work. She said that next time she will make me dance a lot in her film. To be honest, I am waiting for that time. Farah Khan is the backbone of our industry. Her praising me is no less than a blessing.

Ranbir Kapoor is a seasoned actor, Ayushmann Khurrana is a good person

I have worked with great actors like Ranbir Kapoor, Ayushmann Khurrana, Taapsee Pannu and Ravi Kishan. I have learnt different things from each actor like Ranbir Kapoor is a very experienced actor. He never came to the set without preparation. He knew every detail from the script to the set. Not only this, he also had knowledge of the lighting on the set. He also knew which lighting would give what effect on him. He is very dedicated towards his work.

Apart from being a good actor, Ayushmann Khurrana is also a good human being. He speaks very sweetly. Taapsee Pannu is a very strong woman. She was like an elder sister on the set. Ravi Kishan was no less than a child on the set. Despite working for so many years, his enthusiasm for work has not diminished at all. Overall, I learned from all these actors how to bring my energy on screen.

I used to have self doubts, got recognition from 'Thappad'

I consider the film 'Thappad' to be a game changer in my career. I had a very important role in that film. After that film, many people started recognizing me. However, this journey was not easy for me. Initially, I used to feel scared and was very stressed. I used to self-doubt myself. It took me a lot of time to mature.

Earlier, when I used to get rejected, I used to think that there must be some shortcoming in me. It took me time to change this thinking. When I did not get a role, I used to self-doubt. But now I think that maybe I do not fit into the vision of that director, that is why I got rejected. Compared to earlier, I have become much more stable now.

The story of 'Mamala Legal Hai' is based on a true incident

Currently, 'Maamala Legal Hai' Season 2 is in the writing process. We will start shooting for it soon. In Season 2, the audience will get to see different shades of my character Ananya Shroff. Its story is based on a true incident.

Many intimate scenes are only to attract the attention of the audience.

I believe that many intimate scenes are filmed only to attract the attention of the audience. I am strongly against this. I put a condition in my contract. According to which, if there is an intimate scene, then to what extent it will be shown, how important it is in the story, I should know about it beforehand. If I am doing a scene on screen, then there should be a reason behind it. That scene should have importance. Otherwise it will not take long to get typecast.

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