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Iran-Israel Tension: '… will not hesitate to take action': America's warning to Iran | leader

Leader Online Desk : . We are committed to protecting the citizens of Israel. America does not want a conflict with Iran; But the US has responded to Iran's attack on Israel with words that it will not hesitate to act to protect its forces and support Israel's defense. (Iran-Israel Tension)

During the Israel-Hamas war, Iran launched an attack on Israeli territory late Saturday night. Israel claims that we have intercepted more than 300 missiles fired by Iran at Israel. (Iran-Israel Tension)

Speaking about this, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has clarified that the US does not want a conflict with Iran but will not hesitate to take action to protect its forces and support the defense of Israel. We are committed to the defense of the Israeli people.
Many Western countries, including America, Britain, France, have expressed strong objection to Iran's attack. However, the US has said that it does not want any conflict with Iran. After the attack, the Prime Minister of Israel convened a meeting of the War Cabinet.

The President of the United States has called an emergency meeting

US President Joe Biden has also expressed a strong reaction to Iran's attack. He has called an urgent meeting of G-7 leaders today to discuss the next scenario. Meanwhile, Biden held a phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Earlier today, Iran and its sympathizers in Yemen, Syria and Iraq carried out a surprise attack targeting military installations in Israel,” he said. I strongly condemn these attacks.

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