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Iran-Israel Tension: Iran's missiles 'eliminated' in the air! Know Israel's Air Defense System | leader

Leader Online Desk : During the Israel-Hamas war, Iran launched an attack on Israeli territory late Saturday night. Israel claims that we have intercepted more than 300 missiles fired by Iran at Israel. Many videos of this attack have also gone viral on social media. In this, Israel's air defense system is seen destroying missiles in the air. Let's know about Air Defense System…

What is Aero Missile Defense System?

Israel's air defense industry has developed an air defense system in cooperation with the US Missile Defense Agency. Aero Missile Defense System is a system of surface-to-surface missiles. Israel started building this system in 1980 with the cooperation of America. After several successful tests, the Aero Missile Defense System was introduced into the Israeli military in 1990.

After this, Israel had successfully tested the Aero Missile Defense System. The biggest feature of this defense system is that it can simultaneously destroy incoming missiles from all sides. This system has the capability to destroy enemy short and medium range missiles in the air. Long-range missiles with Arrow 2 and 3 systems can be destroyed in the air before they reach Israel. Iron Dome works to destroy short-range drones and missiles. Whereas Aero Missile Defense System deals with long range missiles.

Ability to target up to 14 missiles at a time

Aero aerial defense system consists of missile launchers, fire control radar, launch control center and battle management center. The radar first detects long-range targets and can intercept multiple targets simultaneously. The Aero Defense System can target up to 14 missiles at a time. Fire Control Radar The radar can detect threats at a distance of 2400 km. When Aero Defense's radar detects a threat, the control center detects the speed and trajectory of the threat, based on real-time information, and launches the missile. Due to Arrow Defense's hypersonic speed, even anti-satellite weapons cannot penetrate its missile.

The Israeli military issued a statement saying, 'Dozens of missiles were fired from Iran towards Israel, but the Israeli army's defense systems detected and destroyed these missiles mid-air. Apart from this, Israel's allies also helped in this. Several videos have also surfaced on social media, showing Israel's air defense system destroying missiles in mid-air, causing fireworks to appear in the Israeli sky.

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