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IPL 2024: 'These' Three All-rounders Record Unique Record | leader

Leaders Online Desk: In every season of IPL, players are setting different records with bat or ball. T20 is a format where all-rounders play a very important role. The all-rounder also scores for the team in the death overs and takes wickets at crucial stages. The all-rounder has impressed everyone with his performances in the IPL as well. There are three such players in this league. Besides scoring more than 1000 runs in batting, he has also taken more than 150 wickets in bowling. Let's know about those players… (IPL 2024)

A special record is recorded in the name of 'this' all-rounder

Ravindra Jadeja, one of India's best all-rounders, has grabbed everyone's attention with his performances in the IPL. Jadeja, who plays for Chennai Super Kings, has scored 2692 runs in the IPL. Apart from this, he has 152 wickets to his name. Former Chennai player Dwayne Bravo is ahead of Jadeja in terms of wicket-taking, with 183 wickets in his IPL career. Along with this he has scored 1560 runs in batting. The third name in this list is that of the charismatic Caribbean spinner Sunil Narine of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). Along with scoring 1046 runs in the IPL, Narine has 163 wickets to his name. Jadeja is the only Indian on the list, while Bravo and Narine are from the West Indies. (IPL 2024)

Competition between Jadeja and Narine going forward

Chennai all-rounder Bravo has retired from cricket. Currently he is working as the bowling coach of Chennai. Hence, the two players in this list, Jadeja and Narine, will be competing to go ahead in terms of wickets. This time too, Jadeja and Narine will represent their old franchises Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders. There is currently a nine-wicket difference between Narine and Jadeja. However, Jadeja is ahead of Narine and Bravo in terms of runs.

Bowlers run wickets
Dwayne Bravo 1560 183
Sunil Narine 1046 163
Ravindra Jadeja 2692 152

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