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IPL 2024: De Villiers wrong to comment on Pandya's captaincy: Gautam Gambhir

New Delhi, News Agency : IPL 2024 : Kolkata Knight Riders mentor Gautam Gambhir has slammed AB de Villiers for criticizing Hardik Pandya. AB de Villiers is not fit to comment on Hardik Pandya's captaincy as he has not led any team in the IPL, Gambhir said. Hardik is dramatic on the field and Mumbai Indians' senior players don't like that, De Villiers had said. Gambhir was furious at AB's statement.

Gambhir strongly defended Hardik. He said it was perfectly fine for Mumbai Indians to fail in the first season under Hardik's captaincy. Hardik should be given time to adapt his strategy to the Mumbai Indians squad.

Gambhir said, it doesn't matter what the experts say, their job is to rant. I think you should judge someone's captaincy by the performance of that team. If Mumbai Indians had done well, everyone would have appreciated it. Mumbai did not perform well today and that is why everyone is talking about it, Gambhir said.

It is important to note that Hardik Pandya comes from another franchise. So give it time. He arrived in Mumbai after two years as the captain of Gujarat Titans and it would be wrong to expect him immediately. He could have done better. But, there is nothing wrong with him not performing well. Give him some time, he added.

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