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Interviews with three Tejaswinis on the occasion of Women's Day in the Capital, Organized by 'Pudhche Paol' organization | leader

New Delhi, Leading News Service: On the occasion of the International Women's Day, a special Women's Day program was held in the capital by the organization “Pudhche Pawl”. Three women from different fields were interviewed openly. A revealing interview of three women from different fields was conducted on this occasion. In this, Sujata Chaturvedi, Secretary of the Sports Ministry of the Union Government, Jyotika Kalra, former member of the National Human Rights Commission, Archana Mirajkar, a writer and public relations expert, were interviewed. National Human Rights Commission member Dnyaneshwar Mule presided over the programme.

Sujata Chaturvedi, Secretary of the Ministry of Sports of the Central Government, Jyotika Kalra, former member of the National Human Rights Commission, Archana Mirjakar, writer and PR expert, Supriya Devasthali, Anuja Bapat and Rajshree Patil spoke at the event held in the capital. On this occasion, he highlighted the opportunities, challenges and various things in his field. Many Delhi-based Marathi congregations attended this program in large numbers.

The program started with a welcome song by the students of Newan Marathi Vidyalaya, Delhi. Sushil Gaikwad, president of the organization, gave information about the 'next step' organization and the activities of the organization from the introduction. Speaking on the occasion, President of the program Dnyaneshwar Mule commented on the idea behind starting 'Next Step' and the importance of this program organized on the occasion of Women's Day. The program was moderated by Rohini Bhajibhakere. Secretary Rekha Raikar, Vice President Sugandha Kumar Chaugule, Santosh Chalke attended the program.

There are different kinds of experiences. While working as a collector there is danger to life. But those experiences are enriching. The question of whether women face different challenges is summarized. Work should be done without discrimination between men and women. Women are also performing exceptionally well in the field of sports. The work we do is a kind of sacrifice.
– Sujata Chaturvedi, Secretary, Sports Department

Hidimba, Chitralekha, Kunti, Ulupi, Rukhmini, all the five legendary characters have been neglected forever. He himself took decisions at an important stage in his life. So Mahabharata took a different turn. These are kind of rebellious characters. I realized this while writing about them and as a writer got into the habit of thinking outside the box.
– Archana Mirajkar, writer and PR expert

Struggle is a form of self-development. Some look negatively at meeting people, networking. But you should meet as many people as possible. There should be happiness in family life. But I think we should not think of him alone as a complete success.
– Jyotika Kalra, Member, National Commission for Women

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