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Indonesian boat tragedy Big accident! Rohingya refugee boat capsizes off Indonesian coast, 50 feared dead | leader

Leaders Online: Around 50 Rohingya refugees are feared drowned after a wooden boat capsized off the coast of Indonesia's Aceh province. About 150 people were traveling in this boat. At least six people have been rescued by fishermen. The boat is being searched. (Indonesian boat tragedy)

The boat capsized in rough seas on Wednesday morning. The incident occurred about 19 km (12 mi) from the beach of Kuala Bubon on Aceh's west coast. Four women and two men were rescued by fishermen from Aceh. He was taken to a shelter.

Al Jazeera According to the reports of the survivors of the accident, many people drowned after the boat capsized. “The exact number of people who have died has not been confirmed. But according to the six people who were rescued, many have died,” said Faisal Rahman, a representative of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). “About 50 people are feared dead when the boat capsized.”

Women and children who could not swim have died and been swept out to sea by the current.

Some video footage of the accident has been shared on social media. which are shot by local fishermen on the spot. According to this footage, the survivors are seen standing on the overturned boat. (Indonesian boat tragedy)

Amiruddin, a leader of the fishing community in Aceh Barat district, said a search and rescue boat was dispatched from Indonesia's National Search and Rescue Agency on Wednesday.

In August 2023, 17 Rohingya refugees died when a boat sank in the Bay of Bengal.

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