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Indonesia flood death toll rises to 50, 27 missing

Leader Online Desk: The death toll has risen to 50 in Indonesia's West Sumatra province after torrential rains triggered flash floods and cold lava flows. While 27 people are still missing, the information given by the senior officials of the disaster department has been given by 'APF'.

A few hours of heavy rain caused volcanic rock from one of Indonesia's most active volcanoes to descend on two districts on the island of Sumatra on the evening of May 11. This led to flooding of roads, houses and mosques. West Sumatra Disaster Management Agency official Ilham Wahab told AFP that the death toll from flooding caused by cooling lava and heavy rain had risen to 50. The search for 27 missing people is going on. National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) spokesperson Abdul Muhri said that more than three thousand people had to leave their homes and take shelter in camps due to the natural calamity.

West Sumatra Governor Maheldi Ansharullah told the media on May 13, “More than 2,000 people were evacuated to several locations in Tanah Datar following the natural disaster. Also 130 people have been shifted to primary school in Agam. Roads in the district have turned into rivers and mosques and houses have been damaged. Heavy rains submerged neighborhoods in muddy floodwaters and washed away vehicles in a nearby river, while volcanic ash and large boulders tumbled down Mount Marapi.”

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