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Indira Gandhi Mother of India; Union ministers of BJP praise Congress leaders

Leader Online Desk: The lone BJP MP in Kerala and union minister Suresh Gopi's eulogy of Congress leaders has sparked a debate in political circles. Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was called 'Mother of India' and Congress leader and former Chief Minister of Kerala K. He hailed Karunakaran as a 'courageous administrator'. Also Karunakaran and Marxist leader E.K. Nayanar has been called 'Political Guru'. Gopi was talking to reporters after visiting Karunakaran's 'Murali Mandiram' memorial at Pankunam.

Suresh Gopi K. Karunakaran's son and Congress leader K. Won from Thrissur Lok Sabha constituency against Muralidharan. Muralitharan finished third in the three-way fight for the Thrissur seat. He also said that the visit to Karunakaran's memorial should not be politically connected. Gopi said that he came here to pay his respects to his guru.

He said Naynar and his wife Sharda are like teachers. He also has a close relationship with Karunakaran and his wife Kalyanikutty Amma. On June 12, EK from Kannur. Went to Nayanar's house and met his family. Indira Gandhi was called 'Bharathinte Mathavu' (Mother India) and K. Karunakaran is considered as the 'Father of the Congress Party in Kerala'. He also clarified that calling Karunakaran the father of Congress in Kerala is no disrespect to the founder or co-founder of the oldest party in the southern state.

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