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India's first underwater metro inaugurated by Prime Minister in Kolkata

Kolkata; News Agency: India's first underwater metro was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Kolkata on Wednesday. The Metro in Kolkata will run on tracks built 33 meters below the ground and 13 meters below the water level of the Hooghly River.

The country's first metro train ran in Kolkata North-South Corridor (Blue Line) in 1984. Coincidentally, after 40 years, the country's first underwater metro rail was also launched from Kolkata. A 520 meter long tunnel has been constructed from Howrah station to Mahakaran station for the underwater metro. It has two tracks. Metro train at 80 km per hour. At this speed, it will pass through the tunnel in just 45 seconds. This has reduced the distance between Howrah and Kolkata and improved the connectivity of both the cities. 7 to 10 lakh people travel every day due to this facility. The work of this underwater tunnel was started in 2017.

World's Deepest Howrah Metro Station

A 4.8 km underwater metro line is ready from Howrah Maidan. There are 4 stations on this route namely Howrah Maidan, Howrah Station, Mahakaran and Esplanade Howrah Station. Built 30 meters below the ground, Howrah station is the deepest metro station in the world. Currently, only London and Paris have underwater metro lines in the world.

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