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Indian Navy: Indian Navy is back in action mode; Anti-piracy campaign intensifies off Somalia coast | leader

Leaders Online Desk: Another example of the growing influence of the Indian Navy has been seen in the Indian and Arabian Oceans. Commandos of the Indian Navy on Saturday (Dec 16) foiled an attempt by Somali pirates to hijack a ship in the sea off the east coast of Somalia. After this, Indian Navy Commands have started a daring operation to save the ship's crew. The action was taken by the Indian Marine Commando Force, a special force of the Indian Navy, to save the ship from pirates. (Indian Navy)

The ship was hijacked in December 2023

The MV Rouen was hijacked by pirates in December last year. At that time too, the navy tried to save the ship from the clutches of pirates. Meanwhile, the Navy had rescued one of the crew members. MV Rouen was used by pirates to rob other ships. (Indian Navy)

On March 15, the navy intercepted the vessel MV Rouen off the east coast of Somalia. The Navy said that action is being taken against pirates as per international norms. The Navy issued a statement saying, 'Pirates opened fire on an Indian Navy warship. After this the pirates present on the ship were asked to surrender. But, they attacked the navy. The Indian Navy launched an action to retaliate this attack.

The ship rescued from pirates belongs to the country of Malta, which was hijacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden on 14 December 2023. At that time too, the Navy had sent its warship to the rescue of MV Rouen. This time, the Navy had rescued a sailor. The ship was hijacked while en route from Korea to Turkey.

A Bangladeshi ship was rescued a few days ago

The Indian Navy recently rescued a Bangladeshi ship from Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. On March 12, 15-20 armed pirates attempted to hijack a Bangladeshi merchant ship bound for the United Arab Emirates from Mozambique in the Indian Ocean. There were 23 Bangladeshi crew members on board at the time of the attack. As soon as the information about the hijacking was received, the Navy responded by dispatching an Indian warship to rescue the Bangladeshi ship. On the morning of March 14, the navy rescued the Bangladeshi ship.

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