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Imran Khan had locked himself in a room: The actor was broken after divorce, he got strength only by seeing his daughter

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Bollywood actor Imran Khan recently talked about his divorce. He said that this change in his life 5 years ago had a deep impact on him.

In an interview with Humans of Bombay, Imran said that when he got divorced in 2019, he was feeling very weak emotionally and physically. He found it a huge task to even get up from bed, brush his teeth and take a bath. He didn't know if he would be able to do it or not.

Imran with ex-wife Avantika.

Imran with ex-wife Avantika.

I switched off the doorbell and locked myself in the room
Imran further said, 'I did not even get up from my bed. I used to lie in my pyjamas all day long. I switched off the doorbell, locked myself in the room and lived my life in sadness.'

When my daughter was with me, I used to do everything
In the interview, Imran further said, 'I had the responsibility of my daughter. We both had shared the custody of our daughter. She used to stay with me from Thursday to Sunday. When she used to stay with me, it did not matter to me what was going on in my life and how weak I was feeling. I just felt that I had to do everything.'

Imran with daughter Imara.

Imran with daughter Imara.

Imran's daughter is 10 years old
Let us tell you that Imran got divorced from his ex-wife Avantika Malik in 2019. Both of them got married in 2011. Avantika gave birth to daughter Imara in June 2014. The couple separated in September 2019. Imran's daughter is now 10 years old.

Imran with Lekha Washington.

Imran with Lekha Washington.

Imran found second love during lockdown
On the personal front, Imran is currently dating South actress Lekha Washington. In an interview given in March, Imran had confessed about his relationship. Both of them came close to each other during the lockdown.

On the work front, Imran will soon be seen in some films. However, he has not yet made an official announcement of any film.

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