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Immoral relationship with married woman: Crime of rape by lure of marriage struck down – Supreme Court | Supreme Court | leader

Leading Online Desk : The Supreme Court has quashed the rape case against a man in a judgment. A case was registered for raping the man by luring him into marriage. But the plaintiff in this case is already married so the question of promise of marriage does not arise, the Supreme Court said. (Supreme Court)

Justice C. T. Ravikumar and Rajesh Bindal have given this decision. While giving this judgment, the High Court has given under Article 376 (2) and Article 506 The result is set aside. (Supreme Court)

What is the complaint?

The complainant said, “The concerned man had repeated relations with the lure of marriage. This man had promised to marry and take care of the child.” The prosecution had said that this man divorced her first husband on the promise of marriage and got married to this man in 2019 in a temple. This incident is from 2019. After some time, the man went out to the village for work and after that he started avoiding the woman continuously, the prosecution has also said.

Supreme Court Observation | Supreme Court

The Supreme Court pointed out the contradictions in the information presented by the plaintiff. Although she says that she divorced her first husband in 2018, the divorce decree is dated 2021. Therefore, it is not proved that she was married to this man earlier i.e. in 2019. The Supreme Court also said that the woman is 10 years older than the man concerned, she is not a minor, and it cannot be said that she was not aware of the consequences of her decision. The observation court also observed that she had an affair with another man while married, which means she was cheating on her husband.

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