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IIT Bombay Placement: In IIT Bombay placement, 36 percent students are not offered leader

Mumbai; Leading News Service: 85 students of IIT Mumbai are said to have received job offers worth Rs 1 crore in the placements held in January. However, despite this, it has come to light that 36 percent of IIT Mumbai students have not yet received job offers from any company. Out of 2000 students registered in IIT Mumbai, about 712 students have not got any placement this year. The picture came to light after the data was shared on a group of IIT alumni.

Placement is going on in IIT Powai campus and many companies from the country and abroad have participated in it. The placement process currently going on in IITs will continue till the month of May. 100% Computer Science and Engineering students get placement every year. But this year there was not much response. Last year, 32.8 percent of IIT Mumbai students failed to get a job. As this number has increased by 2.8 percent this year, it has been seen that it is serious that students from institutes like IITs are not getting jobs. Concerns are being raised about the declining percentage of students recruited through campus placements. The three percent increase in unemployment compared to 2023 is also said to be alarming. This is the dismal condition of the students of IIT-Mumbai, which ranks third in the country. Questions are also being raised as to how these students should be informed about how to help them find jobs.

It has also been seen that some companies in America and Britain are not ready to invest outside the country, so far they have not participated in the placement of IITs. The officials of the placement cell of IIT Mumbai said that this year's placement has been affected by the global economic recession.

Criticism of MP Rahul Gandhi

In our country even the top institutes like IITs have come under the grip of 'unemployment disease'. In IIT Mumbai last year 32 percent students and this year 36 percent did not get offers. Congress leader MP Rahul Gandhi has criticized X saying that the state of IITs, which are the most prestigious in the country, BJP has created the state of the entire country.

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