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'If India wants a new vision, then now, if the BJP is ready': Rahul Gandhi's slogan leader

Leaders Online Desk: The concluding meeting of Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra meeting was held today at Shivaji Park. Many eminent leaders were present on this occasion. Speaking on this occasion, Rahul Gandhi said that people think that we all follow one political ideology but it is not so. Every youth of India must understand that all people are against Modi. If India wants a new vision, then the slogan should be Ab Ki Bar BJP Tadipar

He said that last year we traveled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The reason for taking this trip again is that the media for communication in this country is in the hands of the rulers. So we have to come to the public. Many leaders are joining BJP due to the fear of going to jail. He criticized Modi as not a 56 inch person but a hollow person. If India has to give a new vision then the slogan 'Ab ki bar BJP Tadipar' will have to be given.

Only 22 people have wealth equal to 70 crore people. Only 90 countries are run by people. At this time, Rahul Gandhi criticized that the airport is being given international status for a wedding. In the country only the work of raising industrialists is going on. Unemployment, inflation are serious problems facing the country. Modi has a monopoly on corruption in the country. Modi is just diverting attention. Modi can't win election without EVM. This is reality. A scam worth crores is coming out of election bonds.

This country is not filled with hate but with love. Hatred ki bazaar mein mohobbat ki shop open. Rahul Gandhi asserted that this is not me but many sages and great men of India have said this.

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