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ICC T20 WC : India-Canada match called off due to Varun Raja's knock

Florida; News Agency: The T20 World Cup match between India and Canada had to be canceled due to rain. Hence both the teams were given 1-1 points each and Team India reached Super-8 with 7 points. Canada exited the tournament with 3 points from 4 matches. USA is the second team from this 'A' group to reach the Super-8.

After topping Group 'A', the Indian team was scheduled to play against Canada on Saturday. The match was to be held in Florida. The match between America and Ireland had to be canceled there on Friday due to rain. Hence, Pakistan's pack-up in the tournament was confirmed. Due to this, the India-Canada match was stopped by the rain. The pitch covers were not removed until 7pm; But the rain had taken a break. The coin toss was also delayed. The match official and umpire, after inspecting the ground, expressed their disapproval and at 9 o'clock the inspection was repeated and the match was declared abandoned.

Schedule of Super-8:

June 20 – Afghanistan Vs. India, Kingston Oval: 8 pm.
June 20 – Australia Vs. Bangladesh, North Stand: 6 am.
June 22 – India Vs. Bangladesh, North Stand: 8 pm.
June 22 – Afghanistan Vs. Australia, Kingston: 6 am.
June 24 – Australia Vs. India, St. Lucia: 8 p.m.
June 24 – Afghanistan Vs. Bangla Desh, Kingston: 6 am.

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