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'I was starting to get disgusted with Kulbhushan Kharbanda's character': Mirzapur's 'Radhiya' Prashansha Sharma said- House servants also deserve respect

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Although all the actors of Mirzapur series are quite famous in their own right. Their acting and dialogues are discussed a lot. However, there is one character about whom perhaps no one has talked, but with the new season the importance of that character is increasing.

We are talking about the maid Radhiya. Radhiya is a character who has suffered a lot of physical abuse. She has a pain in her heart which she does not let anyone know, but now in the new season, its layers are getting revealed. The character of Radhiya is played by actress Prashansa Sharma.

Prashansha spoke openly to Dainik Bhaskar about the character of Radhiya and her personal life.

There have always been servants around me, I realized their importance by playing such a role in Mirzapur
Radhiya's character was one that has probably been discussed less. However, this character carries a lot of pain in itself. How did you manage to play it? Prashansha said, 'People like Radhiya are present around us, but no one cares about them.

There is no talk about them. I wanted to play such a character, which I got through Mirzapur. In the series Mirzapur, my character suffers the most, yet he remains steadfast. I myself come from a very prestigious family. There have always been servants around me. I too have never looked at them from that perspective. I have never been able to give them the importance that these people deserve. When I played that character myself, then I came to know how much sorrow these people hide inside them.

I was starting to feel disgusted with Kulbhushan ji's character
Prashansha said that after the first and second season, she had gotten so involved in her character that she would get scared if someone accidentally touched her in real life. She said, 'Radhiya's character had suffered so much sexual abuse that it was taking over my real life as well.

I started hating Kulbhushan ji's character during the series itself. Even in real life, I used to get scared if someone touched me. However, by the third season, that fear has gone away. Now Radhiya can take a stand for herself.

Golu i.e. Shweta Tripathi's character impressed Prashansha the most
Prashansha said that in the third season, Radhiya starts thinking a little about herself. Till now she was only facing violence, she had completely forgotten what her own life was. In the third season, she talks about books. She expresses her desire to study and write.

Prashansha further says, 'When Golu Didi (Shweta Tripathi's character) comes home and Radhiya sees her, she gets very inspired. Radhiya starts thinking if there are such women who have no fear. Whose touch can make people feel bad. Whose words even a strongman like Guddu Pandit pays attention to. Radhiya has a different image of women in her mind because she has suffered tortures all her life.'

Best bonding with Rasika Duggal
Among all the actors of Mirzapur, with whom do you share the best bonding? Prashansha said, 'I share a bond with everyone, but I share a different bond with Rasika Duggal. This is also because most of my scenes are with her. I am a big fan of her acting too. I also try to learn the qualities of acting from her.'

As a co-actor, Divyendu Sharma has no answer
How much did you miss Munna Bhaiya i.e. Divyendu Sharma in this season? Prashansha said, 'Divyendu was very supportive as a co-actor. In the last season, some scenes with him were done well because he always made me feel safe. As an actor, he is unmatched, but as a human being too, he deserves praise.'

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